ACP: Probe into Tobago beach 'zess' ongoing

File photo: ACP William Nurse
File photo: ACP William Nurse

ACP William Nurse said charges could be laid arising out of a late-night beach party at No Man's Land in Tobago two weeks ago.

Nurse told Newsday investigations are still ongoing, but once any individual or group has been identified, charges will be laid. He said those identified can be charged with breaching the Public Health Ordinance.

Nurse said, “What we will do, as we always do in these very technical matters, is see the DPP. The DPP plays a very important role in the way forward. They have offered sustained legal advice and we are not reluctant to go before them again, and we will do in this matter.

"It is still under investigation and whatever comes out of it, whoever falls on the wrong side of the law will be prosecuted.”

Videos circulating showed scores of people drinking and dancing to music from reef-tour vessels at night. The area in the sea where the party happened was partially lit by bright lights on board the boats.

Police were criticised for not interveningand holding the organisers accountable, but in a media report, Tobago police said they were grounded, as they had no boat to go out to the area.

Nurse told Newsday thepolice are trying to determine whether the party was hosted at No Man’s Land or Nylon Pool. Nurse believes the videos are from two different “zesser” parties, at each location, around the same time.

“It appears to be No Man's (Land) in one video and Nylon Pool in another. But either way those grounds are sacred and should be used for that purpose.

“It so appears we are looking at more than one party. At this time we are trying to get our cyber experts to confirm and advise me.”

At the last post-Executive Council media briefing, Chief Secretary Farley Augustine announced a decision to hand over two patrol boats to assist Tobago police. These boats, once used to patrol during a dragon boat festival, will be serviced and handed over soon.

Nurse said he is choosing officers to be trained to operate the vessels.

Michael Frank, PRO of the Buccoo Reef Tour Operators Association, has denied the association was involved in planning and executing the event.

Curtis Douglas, president of the All Tobago Fisherfolk Association, has condemned the actions of all those involved. On Tuesday, he told Newsday he was able to identify a few of them by their boats.

Nurse praised the Tobago business community and THA for doing all in their power to adhere to covid19 regulations, but said “the lack of intelligence exhibited by citizens in the conduct of their personal affairs” is becoming a challenge for Tobago police.

“By this, I mean with the lifting of restrictions, people are behaving as though the world is going to end and ‘I have to get all I can get now.’ People are also behaving as though crime in Tobago is not my greatest task...

“It’s like when they get into the party atmosphere it takes heaven to get them to come around.”


"ACP: Probe into Tobago beach ‘zess’ ongoing"

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