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Tuesday 21 January 2020
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School Days

Nelson Street Girls’ RC School students settle in for class on the first day of school last Monday. 
Nelson Street Girls’ RC School students settle in for class on the first day of school last Monday. PHOTO BY AYANNA KINSALE

Diana Mandic

We start our school life at a very young age. Before we can understand its importance, and before we see what it is really in it for us. It may begin to feel as if school is just a place where children go to learn unnecessary formulas and complicated words that will never be used in an average conversation. Or learn things that do not relate in any way to the aspirations that have driven us during our childhood.

The day most dreaded; the first day of school, is one that still makes grown men and women cringe when they think back in time. You walk inside a strange building, holding the hands of your parents in a place that smells of playdough. Your parents stand and begin to leave, but you grip onto their shirts in tears as they explain to you that it will be okay. When they go through that door you are left staring out the window which fogs up with your every breath. Watching their car leave a trail on the wet road as the weather matches your damp mood. You cry, wondering if you will ever again see those people that you love.

Soon, we learn to read and write. The topics are broad and varied. We excel in certain areas, but our skills are limited in others. Yes, we learn from teachers; but we learn from the other students around us who will aid you in the areas that you struggle, in exchange for help where you stand out. Our friends teach us to share and often show us ways to enjoy ourselves through games of hand-ball or scat-rat. It seems as if our lives can stay simple forever, but it is the way of life to grow up and walk opposite ways.

Before long, we reach the higher ages of schooling, where our work load increases and the air around others becomes tense. Throughout the years, our achievement varies as does the effort that we put into our work. Friends come and go and so do goals in life. It becomes much clearer that we can try something with unwavering resolve and not succeed but it helps us see the difference between the things that aren’t sensible for our future and the things that we enjoy and could spend the rest of our life doing. The time comes when the end is nigh and it feels as if we cannot go any further. Then we remind ourselves that there is not much to go, and we might as well complete it to the best of our abilities, like a sprint in the end of a prolonged race.

Only at the end can we look back, see our achievements and see the purpose of this thing we call school. It is as if a thick fog lifts from our minds, and we can see why we spent most of our childhood enduring a school life.

We perceive what we have learned and the opportunities that it has created for us. But when the big wide world opens up for us, and we see the true side of life, only then do we wish that we could continue our lives the same way it used to be; where we learn and enjoy the events that school life brings to us.

Source: www.write4fun.net

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