Nakhid: Inaction on Scott Report led to ruin in Trinidad and Tobago

UNC senator David Nakhid. -
UNC senator David Nakhid. -

SAYING Trinidad and Tobago was hurt more by drug-trafficking than the 1990 attempted coup, Opposition Senator David Nakhid said on April 22 that past inaction over the 1987 Scott Drug Report had led to devastation in Trinidad and Tobago. He was in the Senate speaking on Independent Senator Anthony Vieira's motion to overhaul the Commissions of Inquiry Act.

"The impact of the drugs flowing into our country has had more of an impact on this country and the youths of this country than anything else that has passed.

"What came of that (Scott) report? What came of that report?"

He said recommendations of such reports must be enacted.

"If you leave legislation lax, especially in a country in which we admit is rife with corruption from inception, what are you going to expect people to do?

"When we leave it (enforcement) in the hands of Parliament, as people have suggested where there is political influence, what do you expect to achieve? Are we stupid or are we evil, because it produces the same bad results?" Nakhid said his suggestions might sound harsh, but people's reality in TT today was now harsh.

"The Scott Drug Report. Names were mentioned, people that still exist. Billionaires at present, who came from middle class means."

He said he knew them, as did his father based on his heritage.

"We never prosecuted that case as we should have." He urged a $1 million fine and jail for non-appearance at commissions of inquiry, which are held for serious matters like the drug trade.

"I remember coming into TT from university in Washington DC and I was shocked.

"I left in 1982 and when I came back in 1987/1988, I could not believe the crack epidemic that was present."

Nakhid said people close to him were hurt by the drug epidemic.

"Some cousins of mine succumbed to it. People close, dear to me, who came from solid families and went to St Mary's (College) etcetera... "

He said drug abuse was rife.

"Can you imagine, had we had laws that were relevant to our day and age, relevant to that time, relevant to that era, that epoch that devastated TT, what may we have prevented?"

Recalling the inquiry into abuse in children's residences chaired by retired judge Justice Judith Jones, Nakhid urged a six months legal deadline for action by the DPP on such reports.


"Nakhid: Inaction on Scott Report led to ruin in Trinidad and Tobago"

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