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Saturday 21 September 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Let them come

THE EDITOR: TT is being destroyed not by Venezuelans but by the fear of Venezuelans.

People are on the move now more than ever.Climate change and civil strife reshape large parts of planet earth.

TT'S borders have become porous. Colonialism has become destructive. Large numbers of individuals have experienced global inequality. Venezuelans are here because we were there.

Immigrants bring benefits enabling TT to flourish. We need to deconstruct our misbelief about immigration. Migrants should be welcomed not feared.

Migrants are being demeaned and dehumanised. This anti-migrant rhetoric must be stopped now.

Let them come.

This anti immigrant hypocrisy must end. In TT we treat each other as human beings. What is the fear? Trini men have a greater affinity for Venezuelan women?

Competition is great. Four O'clock in the afternoon and Trini women still in sleepwear, hair in curlers, Ponds cream on face and Vicks on skin.

How many of us are Carib or Arawak? TT is a nation of immigrants. I had a burger on Cipero Street San Fernando this week, I swore I was in Manhattan, USA. The burger was served by an immigrant.

TT is our land and of it we are proud and glad. Venezuelans are doing work Trinis refuse to do. In the US Trinis do work no one will do. The flip side.

To all the potential Venezuelan-Trinis I say:

Let them come.


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