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Tuesday 22 October 2019
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Creed releases 5th gospel single

Darrel  “Creed” Douglas
Darrel “Creed” Douglas


WHILE visiting schools across the island to minister, 34-year-old gospel artiste Darrel "Creed" Douglas was faced with several harsh realities which, he says, brought him to tears.

His aim now is to impact lives throughout the world with his music..

The Lammy Road, Argyle resident said his latest single was inspired by some of the issues affecting the students he encountered during his Tobago Brand Promotions school tours.

“Beside now being a singer/songwriter, before I use to promote events. One specific event that I would have done for the past two years was school tours under my company Tobago Brand Promotions.

“It was when my team and I went to the schools I realised how bad it is with some students; some not having nothing to eat to come to school, therefore they are totally dependent on the school feeding programme. There were some in broken homes not having the care and guidance. Experiencing and reflecting on such inspired me to pen this song. I love my country and I love my people and this experience actually brought me to tears each day we went out there.”

The single titled Stiff Neck was launched on March 15. Its chorus says: “It’s not the healthy need the doctor. He came for the sick and the needy and the paupers, he’s not here to call all the righteous, but the sinners here to repentance.”

Douglas' efforts to resolve and confront the perceived ills so prevalent in the churches today are aggressive, as he noted that the churches have lost sight of focusing on the development of people and are concentrating more on buildings and material gains.

“I am not saying that some churches are not doing what we are supposed to do, which is care for people, don’t judge, love everyone – but it is not what the world is seeing."

Darrel “Creed” Douglas

This single is Douglas’ fifth release, however his music is about the spirit-led message, wrapped in sweet Caribbean music – soca, reggae and dancehall, with an international appeal.

As he continues to establish himself in the music industry, the married father of five is a cheerful energy with powerful poetic arrangements, captivating and distinguishing voice, and commanding effervescent character.

“The record was mixed and mastered by Andy Wilson of Wilson Music Centre in Mary's Hill, while the track is from Indonesia by a young producer name Riza Penjoel. Additional production and recording was done by Joshua Powder of Audio Aliens and Van John Studios, while the background vocals was done by my wife Natalie Douglas and family friend Ayana Benjamin-Charles. I am the singer and songwriter.

“The response has been tremendous, yet in all this I am more excited to learn and share my heart with people.”

Douglas' releases can be found on several online platforms.

What is next for the artiste musically?

“Next for me is to put out more music, sharing my gift with Tobago and Trinidad and hopefully the world. I have a lot in store that I want to do home here in Tobago. I want to show a different side of what it really means to be a real child of God.”

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