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Tuesday 23 July 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Give single pan bands a festival

THE EDITOR: They say the only place change cannot occur is in the cemetery. I won’t dispute that. However, change can occur in the Panorama.

I believe the time has come for single pan steelbands and I am hoping that the new executive of Pan Trinbago will see the wisdom in innovating and executing change.

I have already suggested that for Panorama the medium bands be merged with the large bands, which will make for greater competition. The small bands will continue in the Carnival/Panorama mix with their prelims and final.

But let’s give the single pan bands their own festival. Take them completely out of the Panorama melee and have them compete on Easter Sunday (or Monday).

There will be the usual preliminary judging in the panyards with 20 bands engaging in the finals in a bruising musical battle for single-pan supremacy at the Queen’s Park Savannah.


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Letters to the Editor