Too many CPL cars

THE EDITOR: This is TT where car ownership is a highly prized symbol of prosperity. A few years ago it was reported that we already had some 750, 000 cars on the road. Traffic jams, cars stolen for parts and accidents caused by ignorant showing off, driving under the influence of alcohol and drag racing have become par for the course. Did I forget to mention road rage?

Who can be surprised that there were traffic jams entering and leaving the Brian Lara Stadium before and after the very successful CPL “shows?” Who could have anticipated that TT would be running short of roads and highways in 2018? Like owning a cell phone, TT citizens believe they must own a car, come hell or high water.

Something has to give in time for the next CPL “shows.” Car pooling? Special buses laid on for visitors after they leave their cars in specially designated secure car parks near the facility?

This is a case of the fact that the CPL show absolutely must go on. Big big money talking. Some huge profits to be made at each slice of the bat, each throw of the ball.

The Minister of Works and Transport now has another problem to ramp up the pain of his permanent traffic migraine.

His first indelible understanding must be that nobody, whether it is old or new, is willing to leave their car at home.

This is TT where image is everything. Do not even begin to talk, walk or drive down that road.



"Too many CPL cars"

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