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Wednesday 22 May 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Historic day for murders?

THE EDITOR: TT witnessed what was possibly a historical bloodbath on Monday with eight murders in one day. I cannot recall this ever taking place before.

Even though we have a new Commissioner of Police and a new Minister of National Security, that has not brought the requisite fear into the minds of career criminals. They are new to their portfolios, but the Police Service and ministry should have been having some impact over time. However we have not seen this with regard to murders.

We all know these two men are not directly responsible for stopping the murders from taking place. But their recent appointments should have at least triggered some fear. But it was more business than usual for the murderers. They had “a good day at the office.” The stench of blood is all over the country.

When will we begin to catch these murderers if preventing such crimes is a long-term venture?

Improving the detection rate in the short to medium term is in the hands of the new CoP and minister with the use of technology, human resources and appropriate strategies involving citizens in a safe and secure way.

We are way too small a country to have this large problem.

IAN RAMDHANIE via e-mail

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