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Wednesday 24 July 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Sign language training really commendable

THE EDITOR: I read that the Ministry of Education is training more than 20 staff members of the Student Support Services Division in sign language to provide much needed services for deaf students.

This is very commendable because this is critical in ensuring that they receive a quality education and succeed in their studies.

I also recall that three blind students did well in the SEA exam which is an example of how well differently-abled pupils can succeed in the education system when given the tools to do so.

This action by the ministry also shows that it is serious about

ensuring that the basic human rights of hearing-impaired students are maintained by them receiving a quality education.

Deaf and other differently-abled students have just as much right to receive a good education as able-bodied students, which is not the case in some countries that I have been to, where deaf and physically challenged pupils are treated like second class citizens.

By this simple yet significant act, the ministry is showing that it truly cares for those students who are differently abled by providing them with the opportunity to be educated and to become a productive member of society. At the end of the day, the country will benefit from this action.


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