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Friday 21 September 2018
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Former mayor Natasha Navas wants a job

Former Chaguanas mayor Natasha Navas.

Former Chaguanas mayor Natasha Navas, who sought refuge in a Hindu temple late last year, after complaining that she had nowhere to stay, is now living comfortably at a Chaguanas apartment and is seeking employment in the real estate industry.

Navas, who was contacted by Newsday yesterday, said she had moved out of a Cunupia apartment which was rented by relatives and is now in Chaguanas.

She said her happiest moment was spending Christmas with her two sons and daughter and other family members, which she described as a joyous occasion. She said she was now relaxing at home and enjoying a vacation, which she had always yearned for, but at the same time has been reaching out to people to assist her in finding work in the real estate business.

Navas said she is qualified in that field and will be grateful if she is given the opportunity to earn an honest living as she is not accustomed to handouts.

Asked by Newsday if she had visited a doctor for regular check-ups Navas said she was given a clean bill of health and is ready to take on the new year.

She said she did not want to speak about last year’s experience when she was assisted by a pundit and members of his family.

“This is a new year and I want to move on and reclaim my life to what it used to be, and with the support of my children and other relatives and friends I know success will come my way again.”

She said she did not wish to speak anymore of what was taking place in her private life, but thanked all those who had come to her assistance in the past and guided her through the dark moments.

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