Pre-budget forum held for quarter-million dollars

Stuart Young
Stuart Young


Government spent $222,178.75 to host the pre-budget forum at the Hyatt Regency a week before the national budget was presented in the Parliament according to Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister Stuart Young.

This included $2,500 for a make up artist and $53,235 for an events coordinator. The venue cost, which included rental, food, sound system was $166,443.75.

Young made the disclosure in the House of Representatives yesterday in response to a question from the Opposition on the costs for the pre budget forum, “Spotlight on Trinidad and Tobago’s Financial Circumstances: The Road Ahead.”

The event, held a week before the budget, Young said, “was very successful and well received.” He said, “It was a full day, full room at the Hyatt, of leaders in the business community and other areas.” Government intends to make it an annual event, he said

Asked if the event could not be held at a government facility, where taxpayers did not have to spend a quarter-million dollars a week before budget day when Government was asking the country to tighten it belt, cut spending and reduce jobs, Young said, “Yes.”


"Pre-budget forum held for quarter-million dollars"

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