Response by TSTT falls short

Chairman of the Northwest Regional Health Authority Lisa Agard - File photo
Chairman of the Northwest Regional Health Authority Lisa Agard - File photo

THE EDITOR: The TSTT fiasco, culminating in what appears to be the firing of Lisa Agard, the CEO, prompts reflection on the broader issues at play. While I agree with Agard's dismissal, viewing her as the low-hanging fruit, it raises concerns about the systemic failures within the organisation.

As we aspire to be a First World nation, it is essential to question whether such incidents occur spontaneously. Guts, or the lack thereof, emerges as a significant contributing factor needed to tackle this incident by the horns.

The decision to terminate Agard shouldn't stand alone. The accountability spectrum extends beyond her, linking the line minister and the entire TSTT board. The call for their dismissal echoes the sentiment that real change requires addressing issues at their core. Merely removing one individual might offer a semblance of resolution, but the root causes demand a comprehensive response.

Standing firm on this stance, I believe that if TT is to evolve into a First World nation, we must be willing to confront and rectify systemic failures head-on.

The citizens' acceptance or rejection of this situation reflects our collective stance on perpetuated nonsense and half-truths. Holding decision-makers accountable, from the line minister to the board, signifies a commitment to transparency and integrity.

The prevailing culture of accepting inadequacies with a straight face perpetuates a cycle of unaddressed issues. To break free from this cycle requires a willingness to challenge the status quo and demand accountability at every level of leadership.




"Response by TSTT falls short"

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