Who benefits from recent hacking?

TSTT House, Port of Spain. File photo
TSTT House, Port of Spain. File photo

THE EDITOR: The issue on everyone's lips these days is the recent hacking of TSTT. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

There have been several hacks in the past year or so. They include Massy Stores and PriceSmart, two of the country's largest retail stores.

When these three are grouped together one would end up with information on most of the population.

What good is that to a foreign hacker? We can't even get US$200 from the banks.

The question then becomes who would best benefit from this information?

I am no scholar, I possess no degrees. As a matter of fact I am considered a simpleton by many who do not know me but judge me at face value. I also have a strange way of looking at things. Hence I am seldom taken seriously.

There is a group who is hell-bent on relieving us of all our belongings to pay for all the loans they have incurred, and they have proposed an authority to ensure they do so.

They haven't paid outstanding VAT refunds, they haven't paid outstanding tax refunds and they haven't paid and cannot pay outstanding back pay.

So, with my warped way of looking at things and considering who could best benefit from the hacked information, I wonder if it could possibly be the Revenue Authority.


Diego Martin


"Who benefits from recent hacking?"

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