The other side of crime

File photo/David Reid
File photo/David Reid

THE EDITOR: We continue a seemingly losing battle with rampant crimes plaguing our nation. With the latest being what can only be described as a massacre in Arima where four people including a ten-year-old were gunned this week. My deepest sympathies to their loved ones.

But there is another side of crime which is not easily noted in society. I speak of the pain and suffering which are the after effects of crime. The pain, grief and mental scars the victims of crime and their loved ones are left to deal with.

For many victims, it's simply not a case of time healing their wounds. Depending on the type of crime, the mental anguish and trauma can last for years.

I recently spoke with a woman who had lost her daughter to crime some years ago. Up to this day, she is still clearly traumatised – her world still turned upside down. She is unable to function as before. There are those who, due to crime, have lost everything including their dreams, aspirations, and even the will to go on.

Crime affects people in many different ways. There are people walking among us who are dealing with deep pain and mental stress because of crime. We must never be quick to judge. We must never be quick to criticise.

The after effect of crime, in some cases, are actually worse than the crime itself.

One of the worst assault that can be perpetrated on a human being whether man, woman or child, is sexual assault. It's a known fact that the mental and emotional scars persist (and even worsen) long after the actual physical crime was committed.

For some victims of sex crime, they are basically the living dead.

I encourage all to remember those who have been hurting for years and if you know any such people, reach out to them with love, kindness and words of compassion.

The cry is out there and if no one reaches, no one will be touched. Praying for people who are going through these situations is not wasting time. We must be our brothers and sisters' keeper. No man or woman is an island.


San Juan


"The other side of crime"

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