Tobago police: Make life harder for criminals

The Shirvan Road Police Station. Photo by David Reid
The Shirvan Road Police Station. Photo by David Reid

Tobago police are calling on Tobagonians to make themselves and their properties harder targets for the criminal elements.

Speaking on Monday’s Rise and Shine morning show on Tobago Channel 5, Sgt Joseph Jordan made the call.

“Our challenging crimes continue to be sexual offences, general larceny, robbery and break-ins. Crimes against property is one of the most challenging thing for the Tobago Division – things like people leaving their brush cutter being broken into.

"What we want to encourage persons to do is to be a harder target, do some target-hardening. Do not make the perpetrators have an easy access to your property – that is something we want to implore on people.”

Jordan confirmed a robbery at the taxi co-operative gas station on Milford Road in Scarborough, which he said occurred over the last week.

“That investigation is ongoing. There are some good leads on that, so persons would be brought to justice soon.”

He said there was also a shooting in the Shirvan Road district.

“It is alleged that several loud explosions were heard, and the person (the target) would have sought refuge. However, they did not see the perpetrator or the perpetrators.

"However, the Shirvan Road Police Station officers were able to find or recover some spent shells in the...area where the shooting occurred.”

Additionally, he said last Saturday the Joint Intelligence Unit made enquiries at a house in the Shirvan Road district and seized a gun, a Glock pistol and five rounds of nine-millimetre ammunition. Two people are in custody relating to that find, he said.


"Tobago police: Make life harder for criminals"

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