Leveraging G20 summit outcomes for sustainablefuture of Trinidad and Tobago

Rushton Paray - ...
Rushton Paray - ...

THE EDITOR: I wish to share my reflections on the recent G20 summit held in India, particularly focusing on its relevance to small-island developing states (SIDS) like TT. The summit has illuminated various avenues for addressing critical issues such as climate change, digital transformation, and sustainable growth that are pertinent to our nation.

A noteworthy outcome from the summit was the endorsement of a global architecture for the dissemination of digital public goods, including Aadhaar (biometric identification), UPI (unified payment interface), and CoWIN (covid19 vaccination platform).

These digital tools have the potential to significantly bolster governance, enhance service provision, and foster social inclusion within SIDS.

I strongly encourage the TT Government to consider customising these digital resources to meet our specific local requirements.

The summit further fortified the G20's commitment to the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It also approved the G20 action plan on climate change and energy transition, focusing on facets like mitigation, adaptation, and technological innovation.

These endorsements are especially beneficial for SIDS, as they provide strategies to counter vulnerabilities to climate-related challenges, including sea-level rise and extreme weather conditions.

Moreover, the inauguration of the One Future Alliance, aimed at expediting the shift to renewable energy sources, presents an invaluable opportunity. This alliance can assist SIDS like TT in reducing fossil fuel dependency while enhancing access to sustainable energy options.

I urge our government to actively participate in this global initiative to bolster our fight against climate change and to further sustainable development.

The G20 summit has effectively demonstrated that SIDS are integral members of the international community, with a voice and a role in moulding the global agenda. I earnestly hope that the Government will capitalise on the opportunities presented by the summit to propel our nation towards a sustainable and inclusive future.


MP, Mayaro


"Leveraging G20 summit outcomes for sustainablefuture of Trinidad and Tobago"

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