Entertainer calls for respect for all as criticism of same-sex video mounts

Ravi B  -
Ravi B -

ENTERTAINER Ravi B (Ravi Bissambhar) has called for respect for everyone.

His entreaty comes amidst a social media backlash over a music video he did for a same-sex couple's wedding day.

The video was leaked during Pride Month and attracted both negative and positive comments about same-sex unions.

In response to the outrage, the singer defended himself.

“I am an entertainer. I have performed from weddings to international music festivals, from memorials to Carnival stages, from christenings to corporate events.

“I’ve done this for all my life, in every corner of the globe, for fans and people from all facets of life. It means that for most of the things I do with my talent, it is done for entertainment purposes.

“Just as with all professionals in their field of work, we do our jobs without favor.”

He explained that the video was not sanctioned for release.

“There is a matter around the unauthorised use of a special voice-over on one of my songs (what we call in the industry a 'dub plate') which was done for private use last October and is being addressed with that client.

“As a society, we can accept that we don’t have to agree on the views of others on certain things. We should however, be respectful to each other regardless of those opposing views. With love to all my supporters,” he ended his message.

His message comes amidst a call by Pride TT for equal rights and opportunities for the LGBTQI+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex) community.

Pride TT raised its concerns at the Parliament   on Friday over inequitable treatment. Since then, the group said it has received several threats of violence.

“People have been sharing openly on social media that they would like us to be killed (via burning in particular) or removed from society,” a release on Sunday said.

Calling for a meeting with parliamentarians and senators, including the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader, PrideTT said it would welcome an opportunity to discuss the issues and amendments to the laws that encourage exclusion.

“It would be a true demonstration of your respective commitment to everyone finding an equal place in TT, if you could agree to these necessary upgrades to our laws, especially during the local government elections,” the release said, adding that queer votes also count.


"Entertainer calls for respect for all as criticism of same-sex video mounts"

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