T&TEC probing worker after sexual grooming allegations

File photo of T&TEC
File photo of T&TEC

THE Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) is investigating an incident in which one of its employees was featured on an online show that exposes men who allegedly try to sexually groom girls.

To Catch A Predator, a spin-off of NBC's 2004 series with the same name, is a TT-based web series on YouTube.

In its description, it says, "We catch grown men who are interested in having sexual relationships with children. We have decoys set up on different social media platforms where the men first make contact. During the conversation, the decoy reveals her age as 13 or 14. After the age is revealed, we keep record of the conversation as evidence.

"We record them showing up at locations (where) they agreed to meet. Then, we interview them."

The 58-year-old man was recently featured on the series and the video began circulating in the office where he works.

Asked about the incident on Wednesday, T&TEC said, "We are aware of the matter/allegation and we are conducting our own investigations."

The company said it could not respond to claims that the employee was asked to resign.


"T&TEC probing worker after sexual grooming allegations"

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