Pastor: Time to return to God

Rev Sonia Whitlock -
Rev Sonia Whitlock -

God’s word is the hope for Tobago, says the Rev Sonia Whitlo​​ck, pastor ​​of the Sanctuary of Praise Worship Tabernacle in Mt Pleasant.

She was the host pastor on Monday as the island commemorated the Tobago Day of prayer.

In an eight-minute video, she said as one looks around today, they can see the world is in crisis and it is time for the nation to return to God.

“Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is the reproach to many people. The word says if my people who are called by my name, if we humble ourselves and pray and seek the face of God, and if we turn from our wicked ways, God said I would hear from heaven. I would forgive sins and I would heal the land. May I submit today that God’s word is the hope for Tobago.”

In December 2022, THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine announced that the first day of every month will be a Tobago day of prayer. He made the announcement as the Executive Council hosted the first in a series of town hall meetings at the Bethesda Multi-Purpose Facility. A press release later confirmed the announcement.

Augustine said then: “I would concede that we really should spend more time as a larger community in prayer. What I would have established is – and I’ll have Information Division put the notice out – as an island, the first day in every month, we would set aside as a day where we’ll pray."

He said it didn’t mean people wouldn’t go to work, nor would it be a holiday.

"It just means that wherever you are on the island, people take time out on the first day of every month to pray.

"Sit by your desk and pray. You’re in the taxi driving to work – you offer a word of prayer. If it’s on a weekend and you’re heading to church – even better, you spend some time praying. But the first day of every month, we’ll make that as a Tobago day of prayer, a day to pray for the nation (sic) of Tobago."


"Pastor: Time to return to God"

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