Destra and Machel Shake the Place

Machel Montano and Destra Garcia have collaborated again on a 2023 song called Shake the Place.

It premiered on January 25.

Earlier, Montano teased about the collaboration on his Instagram page saying, “It’s been 20 years since It’s Carnival…time for something NEW!!!! Loading.”

It was launched at 4.45 pm on Wednesday.

In some of the song’s lyrics Garcia is heard saying, “Carnival we miss you.” The song describes the feeling of returning to Carnival being away for two years and calls on masqueraders and Carnival lovers to Shake the Place combined with Montano’s distinctive “He ha.”

Some of those commenting on the live premiere said: “OMG… pores done raise.”

Another said, “Dis Baddddddddddd”

Some people used the fire emoji to share their thoughts on the song.

This is one of many releases from Montano for 2023.

The duo lasted collaborated in 2015 on the single Come Back but is most known for their 2003 hit It’s Carnival. Many view the song as a Carnival anthem, capturing the essence of how many feel about TT’s Carnival.


"Destra and Machel Shake the Place"

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