No arrests yet on Tunapuna man’s murder in Claxton Bay

File photo
File photo

The police have not yet arrested anyone in connection with the recent shooting death of 30-year-old Mikhail Lovell.

On Monday, Homicide Bureau of Investigations (Region III) and Southern Division police were still gathering evidence, hoping to find and arrest the suspects.

The body of Lovell, of Macoya Gardens in Tunapuna, was found, on January 5 with gunshot wounds, on the road at Ocean View Avenue, St Margaret’s Village in Claxton Bay.

At the time, he was unidentified.

Lovell was last seen on January 1 and on January 12, relatives reported him missing to Tunapuna police.

Anyone with information on the murder can call the police at any station or at 555, 999, 911, or Crime Stoppers at 800-TIPS (8477) or make a report via the TTPS App.


"No arrests yet on Tunapuna man’s murder in Claxton Bay"

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