Crime as the most handy political tool?

File photo/Roger Jacob
File photo/Roger Jacob

THE EDITOR: There is a contentious general election to be won in 2025. Now that it is patently obvious that climate change is globally accepted as the main cause of horrendous flooding, landslides and crumbling roads, criminal activity remains the most important low-hanging political fruit in TT.

Even just emerging from a pandemic and hampered by the side effects of the war in Ukraine, TT is still worth plenty, plenty money. Why else is my favourite word "salivating" matching so nicely with the names of political aspirants to the prime minister throne?

Our bad crime statistics are worth their weight in political gold. There is almost palpable excitement that we are approaching 600 murders. Fancy salivating over death as members of the general public are "scaremongered" into believing their death is next.

So each time there is a murder the hungry, desperate opposition gurus step forward to say call an election because the Government does not know how to stem the murders. It should move aside. Move aside for whom to do what? Take law enforcement into the areas known as hot spots and shoot to kill every single person, man or woman, who fits into the description of bandit?

Worldwide, but particularly in the US, prisoners of African descent fill more than several jail cells. Same thing here in TT. Plain talking is not bad manners and attempting to mince words will not cut it.

Can a government with a plethora of Afro-descended supporters be "finger-pointed" as dangerous even if said government is financially superior and capable of governance superior to dolly house opposition politics?

It is also par for the political course to be described as incompetent and corrupt. That's what is expected of political opponents.

All is supposedly fair in love, in war and in politics. But how fair is it to stigmatise a successful political party based on allegations?

As usual my opinion is personal, unsolicited and unpaid.

Can it be safely said that political image, like climate change, is extremely delicate?


Diego Martin


"Crime as the most handy political tool?"

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