Young: NP workers’ safety comes first

File photo by Lincoln Holder
File photo by Lincoln Holder

ENERGY Minister Stuart Young says the ministry is doing everything it can to assist National Petroleum (NP) to get fuel to gas stations in areas affected by flooding and landslides.

But he said the safety and the security of the drivers of the tankers which transport the fuel come first.

“NP said that some of those roads are unsafe even for the smaller tankers,” Young said. “There is no way that I will jeopardise the lives and safety of the drivers.”

But he said the ministry is working with the Ministry of Works and Transport and NP to “shore up” roads to make them safer to drive on.

After days of rain and flooding, roads in parts of south and northeast Trinidad, such as Icacos, Cedros, Tabaquite, Flanagin, Manzanilla, Mayaro and Toco were deemed impassable for fuel tankers.

While the company was able to get fuel to Toco, and smaller trucks to other areas, NP's CEO John Gormandy told another newspaper, the company could not put workers’ lives at risk as HSE officers ruled certain roads dangerous for supply vehicles.


"Young: NP workers’ safety comes first"

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