Attorney: We will appeal expulsion of Williamsville student

ATTORNEY Petronella Basdeo on Friday told Newsday she intends to challenge the expulsion of a 15-year-old girl from the Williamsville Secondary School, even as questions have arisen about whether the student had been afforded due process, given the fairly swift decision by the Ministry of Education to expel her.

Basdeo earlier oversaw the girl's release after several days in custody at the Oropouche Police Station where she had been charged after allegedly wounding another student with a knife in a fight, but with subsequent news reports suggesting she had been a victim of bullying.

Basdeo said, "For the record, we will be challenging not only the expulsion but the entire process with respect to our instructions – what happened prior to the expulsion in terms of reports that were made."

She referred to an interview of the girl's father in a newspaper on Friday.

"He indicated several things, especially in terms of reports that he would have made to the school and nothing being done."

Newsday asked if she would challenge the expulsion, based on whether it had been done by due process.

Basdeo said, "Yes, I will be requesting first of all the information that they relied on to expel her, and we will move from there."

Newsday asked how her client was doing.

"She was in custody for a few days.

"She's doing okay. She is out. She needs to rest."

Basdeo said the girl had got bail and been placed in her father's care.

"When she appeared in court she was very quiet. I know she will be happy to be home.

"Give her a few days for her to catch herself and then we will start to do what is necessary."


"Attorney: We will appeal expulsion of Williamsville student"

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