Hold Carnival in September


THE EDITOR: The Government deserves some plaudits for making an effort to deal with the current Carnival dilemma. However, the Carnival sit-down events as described won’t attract the crowds and earn the US$50 million as expected.

Why? The Carnival platform is based on people partying and having a ball/good time. The current dispensation, viewing shows, etc, does not achieve this. At best it would only hit 15 per cent of people and the monetary figure.

However, if the Government waits until September two things would happen:

1. The omicron wave would have subsided, with infections back to normal levels – say 30 per day. Then it would be safe to allow all vaccinated Carnival visitors and partygoers to have a ball at their various parties and street mas on Monday and Tuesday.

2. The bandleaders need at least six months to design costumes, get payments from expected foreign/local players and import costumes. This is the phase which allows the huge influx of mas players and good-time travellers.

An amended roll-out date, say September 26 and 27, will guarantee the volume of partiers and corresponding dollars to make this recovery Carnival the best of the best.




"Hold Carnival in September"

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