Young US filmmaker seeks Caribbean trawler for rent

Filmmaker Jonathan Perry wants to rent a fishing trawler to film his latest live-action film in the Caribbean. - Photo courtesy Muybridge Inc.
Filmmaker Jonathan Perry wants to rent a fishing trawler to film his latest live-action film in the Caribbean. - Photo courtesy Muybridge Inc.

Award-winning filmmaker Jonathan Perry, known for being the youngest director on a streaming service for his critically acclaimed film SUBNIVEAN, wants to rent a fishing trawler to film his latest live-action film in the Caribbean.

The deadline for bids is February 15.

In a release, publicist Tim Furfact of Muybridge PR said the submissions are open to residents of any Caribbean island, and there is a "cash reward" for the owner and finder of the selected trawler."

He explained that the live-action film will use the Caribbean to "replicate poaching culture" in the Andaman Sea in the Indian Ocean and thus needs a local trawler.

The film is set for international release and will be filmed this May according to all required pandemic safety measures.

Perry is also sourcing the entire crew from the region. Furfact said aseparate press release when crew calls are needed, "But any early connections are welcome. He is very happy that his productions are growing to such a size that they have a positive impact on the local community and economy. "

At present, he said, Perry is executive-producing another documentary based in the Caribbean, preparing for distribution on the international film festival circuit.

"He has always wanted to film in a warmer climate, in contrast to always filming in the winter environment. He has spent 2021 exploring the Caribbean waters and collaborating with research contacts out of the Andaman Sea.

"He is filming in the Caribbean because of its manageable weather patterns, and cheap cargo transport services via plane. The land formations and water cycles are very similar, and for his specific project, movie magic can effortlessly make it identical.”

Furfact said Perry will consider all submissions made for the trawler. He said the process works like an investigation tip line.

“Anyone who leads us to connections to finding a trawler will be compensated if that trawler is selected for the film.

"We have been receiving pictures of trawlers people own, trawlers people just see at the harbour, and then are selecting the best submission lead.

"Trawler owners and captains are encouraged to submit pictures and information too. Locals are encouraged to check their local harbour and send in leads, maybe they will lead us to the selected trawler.”

The production is seeking to rent the following vessel type for approximately 15 days: a 20-30-foot trawler, old, rusted, and mostly wooden, and whose engine and vessel controls are mostly functional. It will be rented from the owner/captain in May and the producers say it will be returned in the same condition as it was acquired.

Perry, who comes from Ohio in the US, began his career in the film industry five years ago, writing scripts online for other filmmakers and selling the copyright to his work totalling US$10,000. Perry is best known for his 2019 film SUBNIVEAN, which was subsequently acquired by Amazon Prime Video for international distribution, making him the youngest director on any major streaming service, at 17.

At the pandemic’s peak, 19-year-old Perry worked with government officials to create Crookery, an action movie now on the international festival circuit.

While starting pre-production for his upcoming Caribbean movie, he is continuing his college gap year in Santa Monica, California, to work with Simple Films and Activision Blizzard as a lead writer and director of the hit game Call of Duty.

Furfact said any vessel information leads or submissions can be e-mailed to or texted to +1 419-967-5171.

In the e-mail or text submission, please include a picture of the vessel and any details available. All those who have made submissions will be notified as to whether they have been successful.


"Young US filmmaker seeks Caribbean trawler for rent"

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