Will PDP replace PNM as main party?

Farley Augustine - Jeff K. Mayers
Farley Augustine - Jeff K. Mayers

THE EDITOR: Not for the first time, Tobagonians have shown the power of the ordinary citizen to show truth to power. When they become fed up with the incumbent party they spit it out.

The rise of the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) in 2020 is important for several reasons.

Can THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine and PDP leader Watson Duke deliver on their grandiose promises and by so doing replace the PNM as the main party in the long run or will they be flashes in the pan?

Where will they find the funds to change the status of contract workers to permanent, to carry out promised infrastructural works and provide all the new jobs promised, especially in tourism and agriculture? Most importantly, will they deliver good governance?

The first and probably most important test will be how Augustine and Secretary of Health Dr Faith BYisrael handle the covid19 crisis that is battering Tobago even worse than Trinidad proportionately. The number of cases, hospitalisations and deaths are rising.

BYisrael promised she would get advice from outside institutions like PAHO. I wonder if that advice would be any different from what the Government currently gets from WHO, Carpha and PAHO? Already a refrigerated container has been brought in to handle the mounting deaths.

So we wait and see, and we wish the best for them for if they succeed lessons can be learnt by all of TT.


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"Will PDP replace PNM as main party?"

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