Have we lost our humanity?

National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds - JEFF K MAYERS
National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds - JEFF K MAYERS

THE EDITOR: Anyone who saw the video of prison officer Nigel Jones being murdered, while holding the hand of his three-year-old daughter, would be moved to tears.

No child should ever have to suffer through that experience. She now needs all the help that TT can give her.

I do not want to hear from National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds nor from Deputy Commissioner of Police McDonald Jacob. Their spoken words have become a stark reality. Do your jobs!

I want to hear that those killers have been arrested in double quick time and upon conviction that they will spend the rest of their natural lives in jail.

I want to know that my tax money is being used to give that little child all the support she needs.

Was this a hit called from behind the prison walls? What has happened to the much touted technology?

The allegation that there was a police vehicle that did nothing while directly behind the perpetrators vehicles, as they escaped, must be thoroughly investigated.

Is this what we have become, TT? A country where our leaders have all the protection they need and criminals are left to run wild and terrorise innocent citizens? A country where it matters not who stands in the way of the killers?

God help us.


Mt Hope


"Have we lost our humanity?"

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