Natural fruit more fruitful than fruit juices


THE EDITOR: As part of the general pandemic discussion, more than one commentator has suggested that the public should consume more fruit juice than sugar-sweetened soft drinks, to increase their intake of beneficial nutrients from the ingredients in things we consume.

Now, while those folks making such suggestions may mean well, the general public should be made aware that most fruit juices on the market contain a higher concentration of sugar than a similar sized amount of soft drink.

Indeed, what should be said here is that consumers should eat more fruit itself, which contains less sugar per portion than processed fruit juices. By consuming natural fruits, you will also receive the valuable fibre contained within, but which is absent in processed fruit juices.

This fibre fills you up faster and prevents you from consuming too many calories, which is easy to do when drinking processed fruit juices. Fruit itself also contains healthy concentrations of natural vitamins and minerals and ought to be the preferred alternative to processed fruit juices. Just some healthy food for thought.




"Natural fruit more fruitful than fruit juices"

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