Bad weather causes havoc in Point Fortin

COVERING UP: Kynu Frederick of Hawk Ave, Warden Rd, Point Fortin tightens a tarpaulin over his house on Friday after his roof was blown off by hight winds on Thursday night. - AYANNA KINSALE
COVERING UP: Kynu Frederick of Hawk Ave, Warden Rd, Point Fortin tightens a tarpaulin over his house on Friday after his roof was blown off by hight winds on Thursday night. - AYANNA KINSALE

Strong winds blew off roofs and damaged a total of at least 30 houses in the Point Fortin district early Friday.

There were no reports of injuries, and affected residents said they were happy there were no reports of loss of life.

Many said they were awakened by the sounds of gusty winds between 1 and 2 am.

One of the hardest-hit houses is owned by an elderly couple, Hollister, 79, and Marjorie Reyes, 80, of E Street, Fanny Village. The entire roof blew off and landed in the middle of the road at the front.

The couple and their adult daughter, Sherryann Nicholas, were awakened by "violent winds.

"It happened in the split of a second. We heard a rattling sound. When I looked above, I saw the sky. Rain was falling too. It was a horrifying situation, very nerve-wracking," Nicholas said on behalf of the family.

"We gathered our courage and settled ourselves before going downstairs. I got a lash from a piece of wood from the roof. But I am fine. Some items got watersoaked, but everyone is ok."

MP Kennedy Richards Jr, officials from the National Commission for Self Help and Point Fortin Borough Corporation (PFBC), including the disaster management unit members, met with the affected residents.

The T&T Electricity Commission disconnected electricity in the area. Part of E Street near Rampersad Street was blocked off to traffic. PFBC workers were still clearing debris from the yard when Newsday visited.

SCATTERED: Rawlinson Phino of Southern Gardens, Warden Road, Root Brown Ave, Point Fortin removes gas containers from his scattered belongings on Friday after his house was knocked down by heavy winds and rain on Thursday night. - AYANNA KINSALE

Reyes, the grandmother of six, was thanking workers for their help.

The family was expected to get a tarpaulin from the corporation.

The house next door, where two men live, was damaged. Part of the roof blew off from a back bedroom.

Owner Clyde Hendy said he heard the sound of water falling inside the house at around 2 am. He was in another room and when he looked through a window, saw his neighbours' roof missing.

He looked through another window and saw part of a roof at the front of his home. Thinking the roof belonged to his neighbours, he went to sleep.

A few hours later, he realised the part of the roof belonged to his own house.

"When I peeped in front, I say, quite here their (neighbours) galvanise reach? I went back to my bed. Only this morning after talking to the tenant downstairs, I found out what happened," Hendy said.

The Met Office extended an adverse weather alert from 2 pm on Friday to Saturday at 8 pm.

At Hawk Avenue off Warden Road, at least four wooden houses were damaged.

Single father Kynu Frederick, 43, said around 2 am, while in the living room playing online games, he felt the house shake. His eight-year-old son was asleep in the bedroom.

"I paid no mind and continue playing. I heard a loud noise – and when I look up, I saw clouds. Rain was falling, and I send my son by the neighbour. Only this morning, I saw (the roof) landed about two houses away in a yard," Frederick said.

Owning to the pandemic, he has been unemployed since the beginning of the year.

Frederick said, "I am hoping for the best. I do scaffolding and carpentry work.

"The MP and people from the corporation gave me this tarpaulin. They promised to help."

The MP said at least 30 homes were affected in his constituency, which includes Cap-de-Ville and Chatham. Assessments were ongoing up to late Friday.

"This is a collaborative effort. Everyone spread their wings and are doing their part," Richards Jr said.

He praised all the people who have helped those affected.


"Bad weather causes havoc in Point Fortin"

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