Trinidadian designs new Caribbean Literature Day logo


Caribbean Literature Day has a new logo, just in time for the annual celebration on July 12, said Lasana M Sekou, projects director at House of Nehesi Publishers (HNP).

The pan-Caribbean day symbol for the region’s “world-class literature" was designed by TT-born, award-winning graphic artist Carole Maugé-Lewis, said Sekou, in a media release.

“The design ‘composes’ land, sea, air, sky, and sun, rendered spaciously in red, green, yellow, blue, black, and white. Sea waves appear as stylised pens. Seven languages of the region state the date in a detachable part of the logo. All are among iconic elements that wind through Caribbean Literature like silver linings,” said Sekou.

“The discussion with Carole drew references found in oratures and literatures across the language zones of our Caribbean,” said Sekou. A writer himself, Sekou had launched the day on behalf of HNP at St Martin Book Fair 2020.

Prof Carole Maugé-Lewis, designer of the logo for Caribbean Literature Day. -

“From the beginning, folks asked about a unique identifying logo or symbol. Firstly, we wanted the symbol to be recognisable by people, widely.

“Secondly, it had to somehow illustrate overarching aspects that our writers at home and abroad write about consciously and perhaps unconsciously or subconsciously.

“Derek Walcott was not the first to articulate this foundational point of the logo, but he might have said it best. I’m probably paraphrasing his eloquence poorly, that: To stand on a rock in the Caribbean places you at one with land, sea, and sky,” said Sekou.

Universities, literary festivals and book clubs in Jamaica, Trinidad, and St Martin have already announced on social media activities for July 12, celebrating the second annual Caribbean Literature Day.

The new logo, commissioned by HNP, is free for all to use when celebrating Caribbean Literature Day in their very own individual or group activity on July 12, said Sekou. HNP received the logo last July 1 and launched it on Facebook on July 2.

Logo designer Maugé-Lewis is a professor at the College of the Arts, Kennesaw State University, US. The Howard University alumna, has conducted graphic design workshops for children at the St Martin Book Fair.


"Trinidadian designs new Caribbean Literature Day logo"

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