Bunji, Fay Ann sign with Top Tier Management

Bunji Garlin -
Bunji Garlin -

Vikings Ian “Bunji Garlin” Alvarez and Fay Ann Lyons-Alvarez are now being managed by the Top Tier Management Group (TTMG).

A media release said TTMG, led by managing partners Omar Stephenson and Hector Carter, has signed the Viking Family in a major management deal. It said the deal is aiming to strengthen the brand and boost opportunities outside of the music industry.

Commenting on the signing Lyons-Alvarez said the group has the skills to help guide their upcoming projects.

“We’ve been extremely grateful to have an amazing relationship with Omar and his team over the years, both professionally and personally within each other and our family. The Top Tier Management Group has demonstrated that they possess the talents and skills within the Caribbean as well as other jurisdictions to help guide our upcoming projects.

“Both Bunji and I are happy to be a part of the TTMG family and working with Omar again. I was managed by him before, and I am glad to be back under his leadership,” Lyons-Alvarez said in the release.

Stephenson, on the other hand, is excited and looking forward to strengthening the Viking brand and extending it to areas outside the music industry.

“It is exciting, very exciting to work with our Viking Family. They are literally Caribbean royalty and their careers and accolades have been phenomenal to witness over the years. TTMG intends to work with them to strengthen the Viking Family brand while continuing to guide their career and accomplish all of their professional goal which includes opportunities outside of the music industry,” Stephenson said.

Fay Ann Lyons-Alvarez -

The group said it has managed top-tier artists from around the Caribbean for over two decades. Among them are Rupee and Kerwyn Dubois, and brands such as Touch Vodka, and was excited over prospects with the Viking Family. TTMG is an entertainment and media strategic company that focuses on talent management, product marketing, distribution, and branding of products for the past 25 plus years, it said.

“TTMG has developed a corporate structure to revitalise products and talents to be successful in today’s competitive marketplace,” the release said.

“While we are no strangers to managing top-tier artists, our goal for Bunji Garlin and Fay Ann Lyons is to continue supporting their music career, while also developing their brand into a household name outside of music. We’ve developed a strategy that includes emphasising the multitude of additional talents and introducing those talents to the world,” Hector said.

The release said throughout the pandemic the couple has put health and wellness first, focusing on family and producing new music.

“Now that concerts and events are starting to come back, The Viking Band is ready to once again take over, but not just with music.

“The talented duo has their eyes set on entering other areas such as film, fashion, fitness and more.”

The release said bookings for summer 2021 are open and TTMG intends to release more news about the Viking Family in the near future. For more info: e-mail jodi@jdlewisgroup.com or www.thetoptiergroup.com


"Bunji, Fay Ann sign with Top Tier Management"

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