Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson covid19 vaccines to come via Africa Medical

Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh - Photo by Marvin Hamilton
Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh - Photo by Marvin Hamilton

TRINIDAD and Tobago has ordered 250,000 Pfizer covid19 vaccines and 625,000 Johnson & Johnson covid19 vaccines from the Africa Medical Supplies Platform.

Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh announced this during Wednesday's virtual media conference.

When last asked about vaccines via this platform, Deyalsingh said the ministry was awaiting a sales contract. Without this, no orders could be made.

But, asked for an update, Deyalsingh said a total of 875,000 doses has officially been ordered.

But, he said, the production of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is currently on pause in the US which "adds a further layer of complexity."

He added that one advantage, once it had been cleared by regulators was that this is "a one-jab vaccine."Others, such as the AstraZeneca vaccine currently being distributed, require two doses.

He said on March 9, Pfizer directly indicated "some doses" are possible for TT and that another meeting will be held next week.

He said meetings were held with AstraZeneca last October but the company said it cannot supply TT, bilaterally, until September 2021.

As for the Serum Institute of India, Deyalsingh said, "If you follow the news coming out of India, the institute now possibly can't even supply vaccines for their own domestic population."

He said Moderna said it cannot supply TT with vaccines until October, and the Sanofi vaccine's clinical trials are still ongoing.

Johnson & Johnson has directly told TT it is not entering bilateral agreements with any country at the moment.

On the Covaxin vaccine, he said a meeting was held on April 5 and a non-disclosure agreement signed on April 14, so he could not go into any great detail.


"Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson covid19 vaccines to come via Africa Medical"

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