2 ferry passengers at risk for covid19 sent back to Trinidad

Galleons Passage, the inter-island ferry, docked in Port of Spain.  - Photo by Vidya Thurab
Galleons Passage, the inter-island ferry, docked in Port of Spain. - Photo by Vidya Thurab

The two people who arrived in Tobago on board the TT Spirit on Friday morning but were sent back to Trinidad on the Galleons Passage later that day did not break quarantine as was previously reported.

Secretary of Health, Wellness and Family Development Tracy Davidson-Celestine gave this assurance in a statement issued by the division’s communications unit on Saturday.

“I want to be clear. The two persons who were returned to Trinidad on the Galleon’s Passage did not break quarantine,” she was quoted as saying.

“They were informed through contact tracing while on their journey to Tobago that they were at risk, having attended a wedding.”

Davidson-Celestine said the ship’s captain, police and medical services sprang into action immediately to isolate and return the persons to Trinidad on the Galleons Passage where they were the only passengers.

Newsday understands the TT Spirit, which had docked at Scarborough Port around noon, was sanitised before leaving the port at around 5pm.

Davidson-Celestine said while all of the island’s covid19 systems are in place, the public’s support is critical in the process.

She added Tobago has put in place a solid, multi-sector approach for the Easter holidays to accommodate the influx of Trinidadian visitors.

“We have built out a robust network, with medical, transportation and protective services. But all of our services can come to nought if individuals don’t adhere to washing hands, watching your distance and wearing a mask.”

Davidson-Celestine said the public is the most critical element in any success in the fight against covid19.

On Good Friday, Davidson-Celestine lamented the large numbers of beachgoers without masks at the various facilities on the island.

In the division’s statement on Saturday, she again urged the public to stay away functions, parties and gatherings with people from multiple households.

“You are putting the whole country at risk for a moment of socialisation and leisure.”

County Medical Officer of Health Dr Tiffany Hoyte also assured all systems and procedures were effected once the risk was identified.

“The Port Authority personnel and the TTPS were able to quickly verify information and track other information to hep resolve the situation and to facilitate the quick return of persons to Trinidad,” Hoyte was quoted as saying in the division’s statement.

Tobago currently has 12 active covid19 cases.

The division said no new cases were reported on Saturday.


"2 ferry passengers at risk for covid19 sent back to Trinidad"

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