Of big and little electricity thieves

THE EDITOR: According to a daily newspaper, squatters and delinquent customers of T&TEC have stolen over $1 million in electricity in a one-year period.

Public Utilities Minister Marvin Gonzales, the line minister for T&TEC, said the thefts have been putting that state utility under heavy financial strain.

Stealing electricity cannot be condoned. It is a danger to life and limb but shows how desperate some people are. The position of the minister is interesting. He wants to deal with collecting $1.3 million “aggressively.”

Former public utilities minister Robert Le Hunte stated previously that T&TEC was owed upwards of $700 million. While not giving the figure, he admitted that $600 million was owed by commercial enterprises and government departments.

Aggression for $1.3 million stolen by scrunters? No aggression for big business and government who use electricity and do not pay? Isn’t that also stealing? Tells you who really is large and in charge.


Rambert Village


"Of big and little electricity thieves"

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