Doctors to remove ‘stray bullet’ from Barrackpore toddler’s arm

Two-year-old Veer Latchman is expected to have surgery at the San Fernando General Hospital on Wednesday to remove the "stray bullet" that became lodged in his arm on Saturday during Divali celebrations in Barrackpore.

His father Romeo Latchman, 38, told Newsday by phone, "The surgery is scheduled for 8 am tomorrow (Wednesday). Right now, I am at the hospital with him. Everything remains the same from yesterday."

Police said they would confirm if the metal object is a bullet after doctors remove it.

Some social media users speculated that the object might be a fragment from fireworks explosion. But relatives dismissed the claims and showed Newsday an X-ray of what they believe to be a "bullet from the sky" that hit the toddler. They believe it was not aimed at him. Judging from the wound, the "bullet" came from above.

Relatives said they were not setting off fireworks, although some villagers were using things like starlights and fun snaps.

In traditional style, as part of the village's Divali celebrations, some people were bursting bamboo. Relatives believe the noise may have masked the sound of the gunshot.

On Monday, at the family’s home at Teelucksing Trace, Latchman said Veer was in stable condition, and the bullet did not damage any bones or veins.

He said Veer and his six-year-old brother were playing in the front yard shortly before 8 pm on the Divali holiday.

Latchman and other relatives were nearby, watching Veer push around his toy car. Then he suddenly cried out while holding his right arm. Assuming something might have bitten or jabbed him, Latchman picked up the crying child and saw he was bleeding.

Relatives changed his shirt and called for an ambulance, which took Veer to the hospital.

Barrackpore police are investigating.


"Doctors to remove ‘stray bullet’ from Barrackpore toddler’s arm"

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