[UPDATED] GoFundMe for DSS legal fees cancelled

Screenshot showing the DSS (Drug Sou-Sou) GoFundMe page has been pulled down.
Screenshot showing the DSS (Drug Sou-Sou) GoFundMe page has been pulled down.

THE GoFundMe page set up to assist the founder of the Drugs Sou-Sou scheme, Kerron Clarke, with his legal fees has been pulled down.

Newsday checked the site at 5 pm and the total raised at the time was US$4,150. One hour later the site was pulled.

This story was originally published with the title "GoFundMe for DSS legal fees" and has been updated to include additional details. See original post below. 

FOUNDER of the Drugs Sou-Sou (DSS) scheme Kerron Clarke confirmed on Thursday afternoon that a GoFundMe was started to raise funds to help him pay his legal fees.

A photo of the request was shared on social media on Thursday along with a link to the page. Clarke is hoping to raise US$100,000.

In a text exchange with Newsday Clarke said: "Yes it is legit. Yes, because at the (end of the day) I personally have no money to pay legal fees."

Screenshot of the DSS GoFundMe page

Clarke is represented by a group of attorneys led by Senior Counsel Sophia Chote. When asked about the impact his GoFundMe will have on the confidence of investors and potential investors in his endeavour, Clarke gave no response.

He also did not respond when asked why not use some of the money he would have received from investors to fight his legal battles. His request for funding was the butt of social media jokes with many questioning both the audacity of it and the reason behind those who donated. As of 5 pm Thursday, the GoFundMe account had raised US$4,085.

Kerron Clarke, Founder of DSS - Drug Sou Sou, being detained by a party of police officers, during the law enforcement raid on the premises of the DSS in La Horquetta on October 27. - ROGER JACOB


"[UPDATED] GoFundMe for DSS legal fees cancelled"

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