PoS Fashion Week returns


THE Port of Spain Fashion Week (PoSFW) returns for its second year. The virtual event will take place from November 4-8 at the Hilton Trinidad and Conference Centre, St Ann's.

Organisers said this is set to be TT’s first virtual fashion week and is aimed, “at highlighting TT's fashion industry by bringing together designers, consumers, buyers and the media over a four-day, one-of-a-kind, immersive fashion experience.”


The event will feature fashion exhibitions, webinars, performances and an online pop-up which was introduced in June.

PoSFW's organisers said it has “a strong commitment to shape TT's fashion future by facilitating the development of the local fashion industry and creating an ecosystem of sustainable micro, small and medium enterprises in the fashion value chain, as well as within TT's creative and cottage industries.”


The ultimate aim is to return an official fashion week to TT’s calendar with initiatives that support, strengthen and innovate the industry as well as position fashion as a tool for commerce and creativity in the country, organisers said.

It added that it was confident it will be able to execute the virtual fashion week in a safe environment supported by the Hilton.


The organisers have commitments from designers Claudia Pegus, Zadd & Eastman, Charu Lochan Dass, Shuan Griffith Perez, Neha Karina, Ryan Chan, The Hideout Clothing among others.

It also promises regional and international surprises.

For more info: designers and artisans can e-mail info@posfashionweek.com.


"PoS Fashion Week returns"

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