Caura hospital ideal for covid19 recovery

Dr Michelle Trotman 

Dr Michelle Trotman - JEFF K MAYERS

THORACIC doctor at the Caura Hospital Dr Michelle Trotman said the hospital is adequate and an ideal location for covid19 patients’ recovery.

In the Ministry of Health’s Monday covid19 update she said the location was outfitted with additional infrastructure for this purpose and noted that the serene surroundings would aid with recovery. She said, “That area was chosen because of its location because it was a relaxing type of atmosphere.

“With the advent of the covid19 experience we built-in infrastructure and we built in that physical infrastructure to house covid19 patients.

“There are four additional wards, and each ward houses 24 beds, so that is a total of 96 additional beds. We also use the isolation unit to house patients, and it has a capacity for four beds.”

Trotman added that there should not be any worry of cross infection from other patients with other illnesses, such as tuberculosis (TB), where such patients were also housed on the compound.

She said, “They are housed in a different area following their own infection control procedures. In building the infrastructure we have put in place hot and cold zones on the areas where we house covid19 patients to separate those who are actively with the covid19 virus or suspected with the virus.

“Those areas were built into the covid19 areas to ensure that we have the correct infection control procedures.” Trotman added that the staff was equipped physically and psychologically to handle the virus.


"Caura hospital ideal for covid19 recovery"

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