PNM candidate wants to end UNC domination in Princes Town

Sharon Baboolal -
Sharon Baboolal -

THE last People’s National Movement (PNM) candidate to have won the Princes Town seat was Amoy Mohammed. That was 39 years ago.

Sharon Baboolal, a 36-year old resident and mother of one is hoping to break this cycle of United National Congress (UNC) domination in the 2020 general election.

Baboolal, general manager Big Q Consulting Services, has been selected by the PNM as its candidate.

She will come up against the incumbent Barry Padarath who is hoping to retain the seat for the UNC for a second time.

Princes Town has long been regarded as a “safe seat” for the UNC and for this reason, once she was confirmed as the candidate one month ago Baboolal has hit the ground running.

"I know what I am up against. Princes Town has been labelled as a safe UNC seat, but the reception has been very good. People are fed up with the dormancy and stagnation. The rest of the country is moving ahead but Princes Town is standing still. Most of the people are excited and ready for change.”

A political neophyte, Baboolal said she was inspired by the goodness of her mother, Violet Baboolal, to offer herself for service.

She said her mother, who is separated from her dad, Harrilal, worked two jobs to ensure she and her other siblings had food on their table, a safe space over their heads, a good education and a house full of love.

Baboolal said on many days had little but still reached out to others who had less.

She said this developed in her a passion to give and the engender a desire to be her brother's and sisters keeper. It also spurred on a desire to do social work and she went on to pursue a degree in psychology.

“From this woman I learnt the values of hard work, having dreams, setting goals, being resilient, humble, kind and most importantly having a fear for God. The people are the wealth of this community and I can only reach my goals by helping others, partner with others to achieve the desired standard of living.”

Should she be the successful candidate, Baboolal said on her list of priority would be the improvement of roads and water supply in the constituency.

Providing cultural and sporting facilities to hone the skills and education of the youths so they can aspire to more than a URP or CEPEP job is also at the top of her to do list.

A mega farm, to create employment and generate exports to gain revenue is also on the cards.

To complaints that the PNM government has starved the opposition controlled constituency of resources hence the lack of development, Baboolal said she believes the lack of development has to do with the kind of representation Princes Town has had in the past.

She said Princes Town no longer wants to be at the back of the bus.

“Now is the time for critical thinking and for people of Princes Town to make a sensible decision and not vote for continuing stagnation,” she said.


"PNM candidate wants to end UNC domination in Princes Town"

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