Sprangalang is back

Dennis "Sprangalang" Hall speaks during the Wack 90.1 FM's Up Close and Personal concert series on May 19. -

IT WAS his first show back and Dennis “Sprangalang” Hall was virtually, warmly greeted by many across TT and the world.

The legendary comedian’s fans were taken on a personal and national history tour as Sprangalang touched on topics from his childhood to Viagra in Wack 90.1 FM’s Up Close and Personal live concert series.

It was supposed to have been an hour but Sprangalang’s concert went beyond the hour. The live concert was held on May 19 from 6 pm.

It was his first show after being hospitalised last June due to seizures which resulted in a mild stroke.

Many local celebrities have appeared on Wack’s concert series including reigning calypso monarch Terri Lyons; Baron and Carl and Carol Jacobs. Wack's website says, “Up Close and Personal is a one-hour live concert series designed to entertain us while we remain safe within our homes during the covid19 pandemic.”

Fans posted messages saying “welcome back”, “glad to see you’re recovering nicely” before the concert’s 6 pm start.

He began the event by talking about his school days, saying he went to the Government school. Throughout the concert he used his trademark phrases including, “I am telling you.” As he sat at what seemed to be his home, in a blue Hawaiian shirt and blue shorts, with his well-known towel, Sprangalang ran through various and often humorous situations in his life. He also spoke on many issues and topics in TT like calypso and the police.

One viewer even commented on Sprangalang’s towel saying, “Sprang ain't staying away from the towel. Must have that, but it move from the shoulder to the leg. Nice man.”

He recalled TT’s first Olympic champion Hasely Crawford running in the streets, barefooted along with Dr Keith Clifford and another “in the sports.” That was around 1958 or 59.

He also spoke about his brother, playwright Anthony “Tony” Hall who died on April 27.

Sprangalang jokingly said, “Me and my brother was friend but as brothers we wasn’t friends. And anybody who know me well go see I never wear a hard pants...and they would want to know why? Me and my brother was same size but I never used to go no way.

“But he loved the girls and taking my good, brand new stretch pants that I never wear and going up and down the island. I stop wearing them pants in 1959, 1960 somewhere dey and I never wear a hard pants since.

“So when yuh young thing does affect yuh like an ingrown toenail.”

Sprangalang’s story was littered with the names of some of TT's and the Caribbean’s notable figures such as the late attorney general Karl Hudson-Phillips, the National Drama Association (NDATT) founder James Lee Wah and late Jamaican musician Byron Lee.

Some of the viewers were also able to share in Sprangalang’s stories. One viewer said, “The history of Pleasantville performers and Sprangalang. Those Best Village rehearsals ending at 5 am. Those were the days.”

Another said, “Horace James and all those actors from south rehearsed in the old Methodist church drill hall.”

Some viewers suggested Sprangalang document his history. “A historian of all things TT, I am keeping my fingers crossed that he has documented his experiences and knowledge of all things TT.” He also shared his experiences on being in the hospital.

But it would not have been Sprangalang in concert if he did not also share his brand of humour, sharing a joke about a suicide bomber who met a girl and wanted extra time to bomb a space.

The concert went almost 40 minutes beyond its time and raised $5,947 of the $10,000 goal.


"Sprangalang is back"

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