Bassarath: Members upset over Ramkissoon's rant

Azim Bassarath -
Azim Bassarath -

PRESIDENT of the TT Cricket Board (TTCB) Azim Bassarath said National League committee members are disappointed that one member chose to voice his frustration in public concerning the decision by the TTCB to end the cricket season because of covid19.

In a media release last Wednesday, the local cricket board said, “The TTCB has officially abandoned all cricket competitions under its aegis for the 2020 season as the prohibition on team sports is still in effect under the social distancing regulations imposed by the Government in their phased out plan to remove the lockdown restrictions.”

The majority of clubs, zones and affiliates agreed with the decision to abandon the rest of the season.

One person who felt the TTCB should have made a greater effort to complete the National League two-day competition was Central Sports president Richard Ramkissoon. When local cricket came to a halt in mid-March because of the virus, there were two rounds left in the competition.

Ramkissoon felt the TTCB could have tried to complete the tournament later this year as a lot of money was already spent.

The Central Sports president estimated that his club spent approximately $150,000 this year.

In an interview with Newsday following the TTCB decision, Ramkissoon said, “I am disappointed that the cricket board would have called off the season. We know that the pandemic is on and the Government said no team sports...but I am still disappointed. I feel that they could have (postponed it), instead of cancelling it.”

Bassarath said most National League committee members felt it was the best decision to abandon the season.

“The (TTCB) executive had mandated Dudnath (Ramkissoon) as chairman of the National League to discuss the matter with the committee, of which Richard is a member, and 12 of the 14 member committee agreed with a recommendation to the executive to abandon the season.”

The TTCB president said National League committee members thought it was unfortunate that Ramkissoon highlighted the issue in public.

“It was very disappointing for one member of the committee not taking collective responsibility when it mattered most. A few members of the committee are very disappointed in that member going to the press to vent.

“Arjoon (Ramlal first vice-president) was mandated to contact the zones and affiliates and all of them agreed with the abandonment with the exception of South West who was neither here nor there…so the executive had no choice but to go along with the recommendation of all those stakeholders.”


"Bassarath: Members upset over Ramkissoon's rant"

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