Unpleasant future if no change now

THE EDITOR: Every election and every change of government come with all sorts of promises. But why does positive change never seem to be implemented?

On Monday I saw a road repair crew in San Fernando filling a pothole and I counted nine people including the vehicle driver, only three of whom were engaged in the task.

Why do we need nine people to fill a pothole? Why is there a number of people employed mentally rather than efficiently and productively? Why is there no change of attitude at all regional corporations?

Another thing I’ve noticed is that there are two wreckers working non-stop around San Fernando. Why is there no push for additional parking to make it easy for people to shop or conduct business?

Most streets are without clearly marked “No Parking” signs and even city residents aren’t sure where it’s safe to park, much less visitors. But someone is making a lot of money off this situation. Where are the statistics on cars towed and how much revenue is being collected and paid to the tow truck operators?

The mayor and city officials seem to be enamoured by the waterfront project and are giving free street space to vendors (how many of them pay taxes?) when they don’t seem to understand the importance of basic parking. Time to convert the promenade to paid parking.

It’s also shameful that we don’t have effective public transport, which contributes to the sheer number of cars on the roads. How could we be so misguided to spend $89 million on a meaningless venue like President’s House (that the President doesn’t occupy) yet citizens don’t even have reliable public transport?

I’ve been hearing rumours that the general election will be sooner than expected (I have noticed that suddenly roads are being paved in San Fernando) and devaluation is imminent (maybe the thinking is for someone else to deal with the problem).

If things do not change now while we still have the ability to effect change, the future will not be pleasant for all.


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"Unpleasant future if no change now"

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