Dr Sharma's murder suspect to appear in court

MURDERED: Dr Rudradeva Sharma -
MURDERED: Dr Rudradeva Sharma -

Another suspect in the kidnapping and subsequent death of a doctor last month will appear in court in San Fernando on Tuesday.

Police said the charges to be laid against him are two counts of murder – one related to Dr Rudradeva Sharma and the other to the death of his alleged accomplice Akeem Marine; two counts of kidnapping and two counts of robbery and violence.

The accused, a minor, is recovering from injuries he allegedly suffered when the getaway vehicle crashed.

On January 15, Sharma, 38, and Dr Prem Naidoo, 37, were accosted by three men on Rushworth Street in San Fernando, where they had gone to buy marijuana..

The men bundled the doctors into the trunk of an SUV at gunpoint and drove off. The vehicle later crashed near Macaulay, killing Sharma on impact, and the other occupants were badly injured.

Akeem Marine of Lady Hailes Avenue in San Fernando died in hospital some days later.

Antonio Francois, 19, of Bamboo Village, La Romaine, was charged with the murders of Sharma and Marine on January 23. Additional charges included kidnapping and robbery.


"Dr Sharma’s murder suspect to appear in court"

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