'Missing' teenage mom in contact with her family

Gail Garraway -
Gail Garraway -

TEENAGE mom Arianna Solomon, who was reported missing by her mother Gail Garraway on Saturday, contacted her family on Tuesday to say she is in San Fernando. Arianna, 16, the mother of nine-month-old Ishmael Solomon, left her parents’ home with her child on Friday and did not return.

On Tuesday when Newsday visited Solomon’s home on John Persad Street, Freeport, Garraway said Arianna called earlier that day to say that she and her son are safe.

“I was happy to hear Arianna’s voice because I was unsure what had happened to her.”

Garraway was worried that her daughter and her grandson were kidnapped.

“With the amount of kidnapping and the high murder rate in this country I did not know what to expect when I realised Arianna and her son was gone for the entire night.”

About reporting the two missing at the Freeport Police Station on Saturday, she said, "I was so worried about their safety that I pleaded with the police to find my daughter and her child.”

Asked why Solomon did not inform her relatives of her whereabouts, Garraway said her daughter sometimes got upset with her for days at a time but she never left the home before. She hoped Solomon and Ishmael would return home on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, police are still trying to find Anastasia Mota, 33 of Montgomery Trace, Ste Madeline. She was last seen at home at 8.30 am last Friday. She was reported missing to the Ste Madeline Police Station on Saturday. Moto is of African descent, five feet, eight inches tall, slim built, has shoulder-length black hair and is brown in complexion. She was last seen wearing a pair of blue jeans, a blue long-sleeve blouse and a pair of white slippers.

MISSING: Anastasia Mota -

Police are also seeking the urgent assistance of the public in locating Cammie Moore, 39, of Joropo Drive Extension, San Boucad, Santa Cruz. Moore was last seen at the Croisee, San Juan, at 7 am on Saturday. She was reported missing to the Santa Cruz Police Station that day. Moore is of African descent, five feet, eight inches tall, of light brown complexion and was last seen wearing a pair of black long pants, a yellow t-shirt and sandals.

MISSING: Cammie Charlotta Moore -

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of these missing people is asked to call 800-TIPS or contact the police at 555, 999, 911 or at any police station. Citizens also can share information via the TTPS App.


"‘Missing’ teenage mom in contact with her family"

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