Criminals ruling the roost

THE EDITOR: Just noticed that I have been barking up the wrong tree when I say in my letters that the record for annual murders here was in 2009 when it showed 509 murders. Now after reading an article which said that the record was in 2008 with 550 murders, I must admit that I was wrong in my prediction and assumption.

Nevertheless, the annual figure for this year though now unlikely to reach 550 will, in my opinion, be the second-highest number of murders committed here within 12 months. It would appear, however, it really doesn't matter how high the annual rate of murders is here where our politicians and well-off associates or influential citizens are concerned.

The politicians now in the corridors of power are still showing no interest in our daily murder rate and have obviously become immune to these killings , which are now occurring here on a daily basis. They seem quite willing to tolerate the trend as, despite eight killings here in one day this year, the government did not call a state of emergency or have since then taken any action whatsoever to try to stem the flow of these killings.

If things remain as they are, and the PNM remains in power after the forthcoming general election then the future of our citizens here will be the same, or even worse, than in the past with the majority of our population still living in fear of their lives, and the hardened local murderous criminals still ruling the roost.


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"Criminals ruling the roost"

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