In theimageof PM

THE EDITOR: Open letter to Prime Minister Dr Rowley. Last year I wrote an open letter to you and as expected you didn’t respond. Today I want you to have a Merry Christmas.

You see, our society is now being transformed into what can only be interpreted as your image since your policies and general attitude have projected itself onto the society.

Apart from the fact that there are a plethora of unsolved murders, there are gunmen running up and down the streets shooting around schools. I can only imagine that you think our civilisation is weak and we perhaps need to be more aggressive towards each other. What a better place to start than at the primary level.

You may think I am unrealistic but you have done nothing to demonstrate otherwise. In fact, you had an excellent opportunity to do so with the Devon Thomas situation. You had time to show what it means to be a leader and accept the young man’s apology and demonstrate love.

However, you chose to go the other route and decided to double down on your statement and make a spectacle of the situation. Instead of perhaps gathering election points, you bullied your way through it.

I can’t tell you how to run a country but how you treat people is instinctive behaviour. This is why I say the county is being moulded into your image. Some may say people are behaving like raging bulls out there.

Have yourself a Merry Christmas.


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"In theimageof PM"

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