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Friday 13 December 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Blue light situation

THE EDITOR: We the citizens would like to know why those in power flashing their blue lights are granted a “pass” to the traffic woes we face every day? If they do not experience what the average citizen endures, how do they provide a solution?

The blue light phenomenon has extended pass traffic and appears to be a free “pass” to those in power to not provide solutions to the many issues citizens face.

Just like the blue light allows them to pass drivers in traffic, those in power continue to ignore or pass our cry for solutions to all the deficiencies destroying this country.

Why in some European countries do the leaders take public transport to Parliament and their offices? Can this be linked to their desire to actually serve the people instead of “passing” them?

Instead of using the blue light, why don’t those elected to office hit “green” and “go” serve the people.



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