Pastor Cuffie did not surprise

THE EDITOR: Why am I not surprised that Rev Dr Pastor Winston Cuffie would take out an almost full-page ad to try and justify what happened with the Anglican church? The same concept of cultural relativism I wrote about, is exactly what he used, to try make the argument that the Church did no wrong.

The line that stood out, most, is when he wrote that, "I am not sure that bikini at the altar is a desecration." He then went on to try and justify his reasoning by writing about how people go to church topless or naked in Africa.

"Well, tonnerre!", as the deceased John Agitation used to say. Really, Pastor Cuffie? Really?

May I remind you and so many others that we are in TT. Like it or not, our value system derives from the western world. This is the foundation within which all the criticism was directed. We know about the hypocrisy of western culture and its confusing approach to sex. Somewhere in the back of my mind was a statement about David dancing naked before the Lord. I went looking but could not find it, because when he danced, "David was girded in a linen ephod" (2 Samuel 6:14).

For those who say to "render your hearts not your garments and turn unto the Lord your God ..." (Joel 2:13), the word 'rend' means to rip.

It was written within the context of God telling people to turn to Him "with fasting and with weeping and with mourning" (Joel 2:12). Please note that the word is not 'render' which means to give. It seems that some people are so busy making money, that they forgot the scriptural foundation, on which they are supposed to stand.

Would Pastor Cuffie allow bare-chested men, in swimsuits, and bikini-clad ladies, to sashay down a runway, in his Pentecostal church?


Mt Hope


"Pastor Cuffie did not surprise"

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