Bring the proof Mr PM

THE EDITOR: This story from the PM about two assassins were hired to kill him in 2015 seems rather peculiar, by it being disclosed after four years when it was supposed to have taken place. In my opinion, it should be taken with a big pinch of salt. Let's face reality. If any criminal here was hired to kill anyone of such calibre, this would mean they must have been paid a massive amount of money bearing in mind the chosen target. Then, whatever happened, they would carry out the task without thinking twice of the consequences.

Not only that, if they for personal reasons withdrew from the task which is highly unlikely, then surely there are more ruthless killers on this island who would only be too willing to do the job to earn what would be assumed to be a very large sum of money to assassinate anyone here.

Just think about it. The most interesting thing about this fable is why wasn't the public told about it before? Why reveal it now? Did I hear that there was a coming general election next year, which could perhaps make this story an election ploy. Where is the real proof that this really happened on this island?


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"Bring the proof Mr PM"

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